Book Endorsements

“I believe this book will be a great encouragement to others who face cancer to believe the Lord, listen to His voice and receive healing through the Word of God and faith filled prayer. He is our Great Physician!” . . . Dr Hazel Hill, Victory Churches International.

“In her book Finding Hope in the Midst of Adversity, Irene Bryant describes her personal journey struggling with life threatening stage four throat cancer. Through her unwavering faith and perseverance, she was able to overcome this deadly disease that devastated so many lives. She writes a personal, practical and very compelling book that inspires and encourages the reader.

She shares a practical Biblical guide to help one maneuver through many of life’s circumstances. It is uniquely written and makes the reader feel like she is writing to you personally. Many parts of the book brought forth tears and laughter as we read it together. We highly recommend this book.” . . . Rabbi Calev & Janice Goldberg, Beth Shechinah, Calgary, Alberta 

“Finding Hope in the Midst of Adversity is a wonderful testimony to God’s wondrous love, his healing power, the peace he provides, even in dire circumstances and his ever present Spirit guiding and directing us every step of our lives. I was blessed and reaffirmed of the grace and mercy of our precious Heavenly Father.” . . . Aden Paget, Alberta Speaker Coordinator, RSVP Ministries

“Have you ever found treasure in your back yard? Well, it seems like that would be the last place we would look. One always expects to find it off the shores of some remote island, at the very bottom of the deepest part of the sea. This is not always the case, as I found upon opening the pages of this book.

I came to visit my friend Irene, expecting a short visit before she embarked on the final revisions to her book. As I sat down, clad in my pyjamas, ready to share some tea with her, I started to read her book out loud. Upon finishing the book, it was late in the afternoon, and I found myself still in my pyjamas, and quite undone!

Whatever trials you have been through, are going through, or will go through in your lifetime, this book will enrich and perhaps change your life!” . . . Brenda Cooke, School Teacher, Canmore, Alberta

“Irene is a living and compelling example of perseverance through a very tough battle with stage IV throat cancer. She has fought the battle and has won! By her victory over cancer, God has given her the authority and a voice to talk about the subject “Finding Hope in the Midst of Adversity”. This is a faith-building testimony and is a must read for anyone who may currently be going through adversity or who is in a position to encourage a family member or a friend who may be in search of hope. Irene has painstakingly selected some key scriptures that will uplift your spirit and install hope to that seemingly hopeless situation in your life.” . . . Mannie Agenda, Senior Pastor at Kings’ Christian Centre, Calgary